All Wrapped Up began in 2002 when Bonnie and Leslie found a gap in the wrapping paper industry.  They realized that no one sold good quality wrapping paper, and they wanted to step in and do it the right way.  Before they even had a PO box, they ordered a large quantity of wrapping paper and off they went!  After long days going store to store, picking up pennies for good luck, and not taking no for an answer, they were able to strike a deal with Macey’s. Macey's couldn’t keep their wrapping papers in stock!  They were just flying off the shelves. Bonnie and Leslie knew they had found something special.  


Flash forward to now where they have continued designing custom prints and creating big spools of wrapping paper as a full time gig!  They feel like they still have so much room for growth and potential and it makes them excited for the future!  “The whole reason for the success is the style, quality and value of the paper.  We are offering a great product on trend and value.”